Make me translate stuff

Put the title and link to the raws in the comment section if you want me to translate something :s

And give me a reason as to why you want it translated ;)))

There’s no guarantees of anything, but you can give me either chinese or japanese.

You can also give me an english text to translate to Japanese, just state it in the comments if that’s the case.

For anything official though, i.e. anything other than free material you can find on the internet, u gon’ have ta give mi da moolah :vvvvvv

For example:

Title: Ryouriban (or just the japanese/chinese)


Reason: I’ll give u n00ds.

Coolizer (And then I’ll reply like):

Ok, I liek da n00ds. I translate. ( .  .) <Рcause flat es bueno

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