UchiMusume – Chapter 22

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Youth, Monster < Parent and Change (First Half)

(Author’s note: Monster’s are also parents who flee barefoot.

Dispatch) (TL: don’t ask me~)


He was without his normal leather coat, or the shirt he normally wears, because to him, in addition to being awesome black clothes, those were his 『Battle Uniform』.

The 『Saint Seal』 going down from his neck he has today, was not a getup he normally has.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 21

I keep forgetting how to spell Kroix :L I need a personal Glossary. I just couldn’t resist getting this chapter out, I was going to post tomorrow but, fuck it~
Also Isekai Brothel isn’t 18+ :L pls, chill, it only has 8 chapters, chill


Young girl, That 『Incident』


Why did he go to see how things were going? If he was asked, Kenneth would probably be troubled to answer.


The Latina he had met just now had a terribly bad complexion so he was worried, is also a big reason.

Which is why it seems, he was able to notice the tiny, strange sound which would’ve ended up escaping his ears normally. And then, worried about that, he went to see how things are going.

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Isekai Brothel – Prologue

Surprisingly hard to translate? Something short I found off syosetu, just to take a break from ryouriban every now and then (I don’t even know if this is good or not :v) I was originally going to release this all in one go, but i didn’t want ryouriban to have too many gaps in between~ i.e. gimme views~ for my ego

Manager of the Other World Brothel


Prologue – Brothel 「Papillon Somnium」




Today too, the Royal Capital Grengaina is trying to start it’s night, as flickering lights illuminate the shops.


Well that’s only natural, so long as this planet is not suddenly completely destroyed.

Wondering how far this planet is from Earth, or that maybe it’s a different world to begin with, I haven’t cared about such things since a long time ago.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 34

Please point out any mistakes, so for the speech brackets, I’ll try to add them when I think it’s really hard to know whose who, but i’ll try to make the speech patterns of everyone a little more distinct (I feel like I wanted to say more but I keep forgetting :v)


16, Conclusion and Motsunabe (Turning Chapter)

(Author’s note: Update ⅗)


“So? Have you thought of something!?”

“Not yet, but….. for now, I’ll do something about the problem in front of me!”


Hi it’s Shuri.

In order for me to do what I can, I escaped from the jail together with Gann-san’s help.

My eyes were hurting from the bright candle light but, I can’t say that kinda thing out loud.

Right now, I am running down the castle’s corridors.

Heading for the food storehouse.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 33

I apologize if things sound weird here and there, its hard to form a sentence without butchering the original, yet still keep the essence, (playing grimm notes and going through my vocaloid library there’s just many good songs I didn’t know about)


16, Conclusion and Motsunabe (Second Chapter)

(Author’s note: Update ⅖)


There is no time left.

I, Ekress, has sent Gann to Shuri, and was heading to Gingus by myself.

This scandal, I must end it as quick as possible.

The reason was simple.

When I was worrying about the information was leaked by Ganglabe-dono, a letter arrived.

The sender of the letter was the famous 『Gourmet Princess』, the princess of the Newbyst Royal Family. Although she is still young, she holds extraordinary talent, a genius who is deeply related to the kingdom’s internal affairs.

It’s from Tebis Newbyst.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 32

Looking at syosetu, i feel a desire to translate some short good novels, i found a few, but i also really want to at least catch up with ryouriban too :v dilemmas (Also happy australia day to whomever it concerns~ lala)


16, Conclusion and Motsunabe (Beginning Chapter)

(Author’s note: Thanks for waiting!

It’s update part 1 of 5)


Circumstances are people that come and change, moment by moment.

Eh? It’s not a person?

No, It is. A person like a 『Human』.

Maturing while you’re not aware, turning bad, doing good things, heading towards a bad direction.

And I got involved whilst not noticing that.

Bring right in the middle of the height of chaotic battlefield.

I had no idea, being a peaceful idiot who could only stand behind everyone.


And now, right here, my real worth is being tested.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 31

Hamburg = hamburg steak and vice versa :v I’ll switch between the terms sometimes just to clarify or make it sound better sometimes

Side story, Code Hamburg – Rirushu of the Rebellion


“…… I see, so there were such circumstances”

“Yes, su. In short, the reason he was arrested was just because he was caught in the conspiracies of the second son, su”

“Screw off. How did Shuri get involved in that”


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Ryouriban – Chapter 30

There were a few things I couldn’t convey properly in this chapter without altering it too much so, it might sound weird in some places ;-; I tried… also soz for late chapter? :v Gintama bingeing~ but damn Dillema sound so good~ (mad edits kyuubei fucking kyute and tsuki~)

15, Fate and Potato Galette (Part 2)


(Author’s note: I finally finished writing….. Finally updated)


I am always thinking.

Why I was born. What I should do.

What I want to do.

If I was born with a vastly different figure.

I wonder if I could be at ease without worrying like this.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 20

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Edit: Thanks Eliss for correcting my understanding (1 year has 14 months)

Young Girl, A Certain Summer Day


Latina’s birthday was during the sixth month.

There are seven pillars of god which govern this world, and in this world where a large majority of laws are represented in sevens, even years are split into seven associated cycles. In other words one year, which is until the seasons rotates back, is split into seven times two, fourteen periods which makes one month.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 19

Why are there so many mosquitoes dafuq…

Youth, Teaching his small daughter


(Author’s note: This time it’s become like an explanation)


“I see. Latina can use magic”

“Un. But, only one simple healing magic”


At dinner on a certain day, what Dale heard was that regardless of how Latina was only this young, she was able to use magic already.

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