UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 29

I blabbed a lot in the credits so you can read there.

Honestly I’m such a loner these days that I find my only solitude online cause i find it nerve-racking twalking to friends. Must be due to this insane inferioirit complex thing i got. ah well. hi friends who read this.



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How did you guys find the anime? Where did it go up to? i haven’t seen it yet since i like binge watching the whole thing these days.

I’m sure its good 🙂

Anyway. looking forward to anything this season? I might choose 1 or 2 shows to watch every week and then binge the rest when i have time. I think Hi Score Girl S2 is coming, so im thinking of doing that. as long as there ain’t gonnab e any super cliff hangy moments cause my heart can’t take that.

here’s a bonux pic from the twitter:EFIzbOiU0AE5AlX[1].jpg