Mini-update (Gintama is awesome

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Isekai Brothel – Chapter 2

So, the author decided the continue this series under a slightly altered name and removing the last story and side stories of this original series, so depending on whether I’m still interested in this by the end of this I’ll decide if I’ll continue.
Also I watched Lady Maiko the other day, and Kansai-ben is frikkin funny, it’s a sweet movie, so if u like seeing modern-day maiko & geisha, cute girls/old ladies, and musicals be sure to watch o3o


Second Story, Miss Ristia’s Situation


A loud sound was made outside the room.

Yet again, there’s a quarrel tonight huh.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 37

lol, idk why I add the -san, it’s funny i guess? Yay I can game again~ wanna play some last remnant :v
Edit: changed to the author’s new version, has bits added and removed

Volume 3 – Me and the Bride-san

17, Long time no see and Tofu Hamburg Steak (Part 1)


If there are meetings then there are also separations. That is something that we’ve all encountered in life.

However, there are also reunions. Because separation is not the end.


It’s Shuri. I was finally able to reunite with everyone. I wonder how long we haven’t met? It feels like we haven’t met for several months already.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 35

Never doing this again… I’m going to split chapters appropriately from now on… no more 10k chapters, this took me 4hrs to edit :C and it’s still bad ;-; To be honest, I value speed > quality, as long as quality isn’t absolute terrible so o3o dun h8

16, Conclusion and Motsunabe (Resolution Chapter)

(Author’s note: Update ⅘)


Let’s go back in time a little.


I gather a lot of the necessary ingredients from the storehouse, and carried it into the kitchen.

80% of it was entrusted to Gann-san. Me? I have no strength….


“And, what are you planning with this.

With this mountain of ingredients, how do you plan to use it all up?”

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Isekai Brothel – Chapter 1

this story is damn hard to translate, cause its all casual talk and i can’t rely on the kanji… so glad theres only 6-7 chapters left :/

 First Story – Miss Rola’s Circumstances


“Manager~ I’ve finished the first one~. Give me cleaning magic~”


The one who came into the manager’s room without even knocking, was one of our Top 3 most popular, Miss Rola.

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