UchiMusume – Chapter 33

woops, so all the times I’ve been translating 保護者as guardian, but checking the older paragraphs it had been redefined as parent and i forgot, heh… and that’s why an idiot like me should create glossary or edit better but hey~ yolo
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Young Lady, Going to the Sea


After they left Haaz, and going through several campsites and inn towns, the two of them arrived at the Port City Cuvare.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 32

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Young Lady, Arriving at the Inn Town


Although there are some gentle up and downs, the main road heading to the harbour became a distance easy to walk.

As one might expect from an important highway from which foreign countries transport their goods to the royal capital, it was renovated at set intervals. Even if you look around now, you can see the sight of labourers, shaving off and fixing the part of the road which had a hole in it.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 31

Yes I don’t translate Kawaii cause everybodies grandmother to imoutos know the meaning… i should get an editor :L
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Young Lady, Demonstrating her skill


She directly drops the potato into the pot as she cuts them.

This too, is something she had practised for the sake of cooking outdoors. Normally at the 『Dancing Ocelot』, she would use the cutting board but, during a trip, you want to prepare by using the minimum amount of tools and washing. That is what her master, Kenneth taught her.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 30

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Young Lady, Frolicking in the Journey


After they exited the forest south-west of Kroix, Dale placed Latina on the horse.

She, like a stubborn demon race, was still taking firm strides however Dale was not planning on having it too rough from the very first day.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 29

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Young Lady, Reporting to the Deceased


Kroix’s East District is connected to the main road. Going north of that, there is a large river, eventually reaching a port. On the contrary, you would reach the royal capital by going south. It’s the reason Kroix is a necessary location for commercial flow.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 28

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 Youth, The talk the day before leaving


The reason why Dale was leaving his job and decided to leave for a journey, was something that was going to happen no matter what.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 27

At some point… you just give up editing while translating, and just type out random words, and go through a proper editing process…. but then while going through edits you want to just give up, cause those random words are making sense… wuttttt
Gintama OST, cause I still am not over hype

Young Lady, The talk the day before leaving


“‘Journey’…. Latina, are you going to go somewhere? Why!? Why out of nowhere!?”

Having her shoulders suddenly grabbed and loudly shouted at by Rudi, Latina looked surprised.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 26

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Young Lady, Preparing for the Journey.

(Author’s note: Because of yesterday’s system error, there was no time to post the scheduled post and the work….)


When it was decided that Latina was to go on a journey, it was the start of spring of the year when she was to turn 10.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 25

So in the previous chapters, what Dale did to that teacher was actually a “Judgement” – redefining terms~ :3
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Young Lady, The conversation regarding employment


The story of when Rita’s pregnancy was discovered was approximately one and a half years after Latina started going to school.

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