UchiMusume – Side Story

I just translate things in order ;v Well, i’m 90% done with the next chapter anyway. Just been lazy and anxious cause apparently i got the job but they haven’t sent me email yet :c
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Side Story, Wanting to Fluff Fluff a Kitty.


Latina likes animals.


And it seemed, when it comes to animals, she was also easily liked by canines. Even if you take away everything that 『happened』 in Tisroh, it wasn’t rare for other dogs to approach her when she went for walks, and play with her.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 93

Not so greatly edited chapters come when I’m not in the mood for english stufff and stuffs. And this month has been one of those. Go tell Aunt Rhody. Might do another teaser or something just to freshen up. Actually, give me something to translate :3 Something short. Can be english or chinese 😉 Translating some chinese might be fun. No guarantees i’ll do something tho.
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Youth, Being warned by his Older brother. (First half)


Hearing Kenneth’s words, Dalelooked surprised — and pondered, but in the next instant, he went back to smiling bitterly again.


“What are you saying…. Why would I…”

“Probably because…. If you acknowledged that Latina has grown up then, you would 『have to let her go』.”

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UchiMusume – Chapter 92

Sorry for the delays. Tbh I’ve been playing(with a lot of salt) Fire Emblem: heroes, and that’s been sucking away my time lol. Also, just haven’t been very motivated :/ Hopefully, I can get that back.
Ryouriban update: it’s on 20%-ish now. Around 1.5uchimusu chapters
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Youth, A certain 『Walking Corpse-like』 Day.


It’s already been five days since Latina has been going out to 『The Alley’s Bakery』. You could also say that it has been five days since Dale and Latina has basically stopped talking.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 91

I have a part time work interview tomorrow. kinda scared and nervous. Let’s hope things go well. Give the fb page a few more likes and I’ll try to get the next chapter edited quicker 🙂
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Silver-haired Maiden, Working at another shop. Second day.


“Oh? What’s wrong, Rudi?”

“I’m the one who should be saying that to you, right? Why are you at Marcel’s place?”

It was a little past noon on the second day of when Latina was working at 『The Alley’s Bakery』that Latina was having such a conversation with her childhood friend.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 90

Slowing down :v 1/5 done of the ryouriban chapter
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Silver-haired Maiden, Coming home from working at another shop.


Somehow, Latina was able to weather through the busy peak hour of lunch.

Marcel’s mother and the woman working as the salesperson were alone. Originally, including the other woman on maternity leave, there were three people on duty during this busy time. Latina couldn’t compare with the veteran’s performances, but considering that it was her first day, Latina had worked quite hard.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 89

So I’ve been busy bingeing cry vidyas and playing Chain chronicles again…
Got another uchimusume chapter done, but might just start doing ryouriban now
As always, please correct any mistakes I have, or flow issues 😛
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Silver-haired Maiden, Working at another shop.


There had been a gloomy, hopeless atmosphere floating around in a corner of the 『Dancing Ocelot』 ever since the morning.

It should have been a scene of them eating breakfast, the scene that they had repeated day after day.

— However, in that scenery, the sight of the young girl, who would always scatter her smiles everywhere, was not there.

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UchiMusume – Side Story

Been slightly busy. Soz. New ryouriban. Haven’t started translating it tho~ cause classic 40 pages of raws lol. This is the last side story before we head back into it.
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Side Story, Fighting with spicy food.

(Author’s note: Time period is from “A certain Summer day” and a little further)


“Dale, what is, that?”

Yes, when Latina was pointing at the plate Dale was eating from and questioning him, it was still during her first Summer since coming to Kroix.

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