UchiMusume – Chapter 64

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Many things happened?? Took the jlpt, didn’t win video contest :c and had a sad lonely christmas party… Read up a lot of novels. Spirit Realm is getting heated.

Young Girl, meeting her friends again


She felt embarrassed, seeing the 『Yellow god(Asfar’s)』school which she hasn’t attended for a few months. Even though it should’ve been a place that she had gotten used to, she was hit by a feeling like she couldn’t calm down.

In front of the school, Latina looked up at the door as if she was hesitating slightly.


“They’re the same 『Asfar’s』school yet, it’s totally different from Sensei’s house….”

She realizes this once again as she muttered under her breath, before nodding with hm, hm. Thinking that, there were so many things in this world that she didn’t know about.

From behind Latina, who was holding that thought, seemingly looking away due to her embarrassment, a voice that she knew well called out to her.



Joy plastered on Latina’s face as she turned around with relief.

The moment she saw Chloe, it felt like something heavy that had been weighing down in her heart had suddenly dissolved into nothingness.

“Welcome back!! I’m so glad you’re well. I’m looking forward to your stories~!”

“Un. I’m back, Chloe!”

Which is exactly why, when she went through the doors with Chloe, she looked just as always, as if she didn’t feel the gap created by their months of separation.


“Long time, Latina.”

“I’m glad you look well Silvia.”

“I mean, Kroix is the same as always. Nothing ever changes.”

Going into the classroom and seeing her other close friend at long last, Latina brightened up even more.

Without a care about Latina’s reaction, Silvia leaned forward all of a sudden. Her emerald green pupils sparkled, full of curiousity.

“Come on, tell us. I heard about it from Chloe and know about the general stuff, but how much equipment, food did you prepare? Were there lots of magic beasts as expected? And….”

“It’ll be hard to cover it all in one sitting.”

Latina knew that Silvia, with 『The Green God (Ahdar’s)』divine protection, admired travel and responded with a troubled smile.


“We went to the 『forest』 first, and we saw lots of magic beasts there.”

“Were you guys okay?”

“Ehhhh, what kind?”

With Latina’s answer, Chloe’s care and Silvia’s excitement, came back as a response.

“Dale, was SUUUPEEEERR strong! So we were totally fine. And I knew some defense magic as well, so I was able to help.”

“You fought as well?”

“I just helped out a little. Dale would’ve been fine even if he was by himself.”

“Weren’t you scared?”

“Before I came to Kroix, when I was 『there』, I was super scared. But I was with Dale this time, so I wasn’t scared.”

Speaking of her 『caretaker』, Latina’s expression was overflowing with trust and love.

Seeing Latina act just like before, her friends smiled, albeit slightly bitter.

“There weren’t any magic beasts near the highway. But we encountered a few once we entered the mountains, and we met bandits once.”

“That sounds terrible!”

Chloe’s reaction was probably the correct one. However, Latina tilted her head slightly, questioning it.

“They were all captured with Dale’s magic and we called over the people from the nearby village. They weren’t as scary as magic beasts.”

She replied in an overly simple manner.



Apparently the aim of the bandits wasn’t them, but the merchant’s carriage travelling behind them. However, they noticed the bandit’s existence with Latina’s 『power』, and since they did, they couldn’t just ignore them as well. – There’s no way I’m allowing a fight to occur where someone could accidentally die, in front of Latina –, and with that mindset, Dale decided to beat them to the punch and arrest them.


In any case, it was quick and easy.

With his magic, Dale collapsed the ground from under them, capturing them in one big haul.


“You guys were lucky….”

Dale gave them a cold gaze from above the hole, where the bandits were writhing about in pain. A gaze in which if he was spoken of in a saga then, it would the very expression of a villain.

Since Latina was watching, he wanted to avoid a scene reeking with blood. He was definitely not compassionate. And for the one in a millionth chance that she might become their target for revenge, he covered Latina’s face with her hood and made her stand so that the bandits couldn’t see her.

(….Latina will probably be angry if I buried them….)

He had thought that it was annoying for a moment, but noticing the young girl standing next to him, he left them there quietly.



“There was nothing scary at all.”

It couldn’t be helped that Latina tilted her head, puzzled, as there weren’t any fancy big battles, and it was mostly magic beasts who would approach them, giving her a sense of danger.

“Um hey, so I got you two, some souvenirs, nano!”

Latina says before taking out two bundles from the bag she was holding. The bundles, each neatly wrapped and packaged in multiple layers of thin paper, were handed over to Chloe and Silvia.

The two of them unwrap the paper and take out what was inside, a small seashell accessory case. Pearls were attached to it like tiles, sparkling gently, and while it felt bulky when held in their hands, it had a beauty which attracted the eyes.

“It’s so pretty.”

“Thank you, Latina!”

“You know, I bought one for myself as well. The colours are slightly different though.”

The one Chloe has, was pale cream coloured, and Silvia’s blue. The one Latina bought to use herself, and put to decorate her room, was faint pink.

“There were so many things at Cuvare.”

Smiling happily, Latina spent the remainder of the time until the teacher came recalling her time at the port.



On their first day coming back to Cuvare, after the two of them decided on an inn to stay at, they relaxed and took a break.

“Seeing how we’re at Cuvare again, why don’t we have a breather. It’s not for sightseeing though, just to relax, ok?”


Latina, after answering Dale energetically, unpacked their luggage into their single room, and busied herself looking for something from her rucksack. Dale was looking over her with a curious look when Latina took out a wallet after a little while. It seems she had hidden it deep inside her rucksack.

Clink, clink sounded on the table as she lined up her silver coins to count them.

Since she didn’t buy anything up till now, other than what was necessary for the journey, it seems she still had most of her money.


In this country of Raband, what kids normally grasp onto to buy their sweets and other goods was, several sheets worth of copper coins. Even the amount of money needed for daily life was within the range of silver coins use.

In the first place, normal citizens do not have the opportunity to use gold coins. When adventurers receive their reward or go purchase high class magic weapons, gear, they have the chance to use gold coins, but in most situations, they just keep silver or copper coins in their wallet. It’s also annoying to take the change if people use gold coins in a normal store.

Large sums of money or assets is safest in the custody 『Ahdar’s Shrine』. Furthermore, as long as it’s not too far in the boonies, there aren’t any people who would keep all of their assets outside of that facility.


“….You have quite a bit huh.”

Latina, having received a salary from the 『Ocelot』, was probably on the wealthier end of girls her age.

“Um, you know, I want to buy some souvenirs for Chloe and Silvia. And Rita as well. There’s a lot of pretty things being sold here in Cuvare, so I want to go buy some souvenirs!”

“Alright. Let’s go take a walk around tomorrow.”


When they were in Cuvare last time, Latina had only showed signs of wanting to buy food and ingredients. It made him worry a little, but it seems it was because they still had places 『to go』. Seeing her have interests appropriate for girls her age made him relieved.

She liked sparkly, and cute things. Dale nominated internally from several stores, thinking about which one would please her the most.


After finishing breakfast at the inn the next morning, the two of them strolled into the city. They held each other’s hands so that they don’t lose sight of each other in the crowd like last time. Today, Latina let her hair flow down her backside, which she had been tying up so that it wouldn’t annoy her during the journey. And it looked like she was dressed up a little bit more than usual.

“Should we go to 『Silent Seagull』 for dinner again?”


“Or should we eat as we walk, taking a bite of the foods we come across, and have a light dinner?”

“That sounds fun too….”

It appears these were two rather difficult options for Latina to choose from. She groaned, looking serious. Dale’s expression loosens, as if that action of hers was cute as well.

Having the time to worry is probably also a part of the journey’s joy.

Dale didn’t hurry her to make a decision, and slowly headed towards the sea as he lead Latina by the hand.


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